asus rog maximus xii apex

113dB SNR recording input​ Its optimized layout, enhanced power delivery and control, and striking design with a myriad of customization options will appeal to overclockers, gamers, and PC builders alike. The ROG ecosystem is more extensive than any competing brand, so enjoy greater choice as your system expands. Купи сега Дънна платка asus rog maximus xii apex - asus-mb-maximus-xii-apex - asus-mb-maximus-xii-apex на супер цена от 1129.00лв от ardes ltd. Свържете се с нас и ще помогнем в избора! ・ Dual Channel, ・ 1 x 2242-2280 Configure the fan's operating speed manually or use pre-configured fan profiles to quickly select Standard, Silent, Turbo or Full Speed modes. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex Preview Up Close - SATA to IO Shield. The high-quality thermal pad improves overall heat transfer from the system by bridging the heat generated by the power stages to the heatsink. ASUS; ROG Maximus XII Apex; Maximus XII Apex; Specs; Alle moederborden; ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex. Quickly check for corrupt sectors of installed memory modules. logs to gauge reliability or to identify potential failures. With the NDA finally being lifted, we can finally see more information on Intel’s latest CPU and chipset, and what are they capable of. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex Intel ATX Motherboard / Intel Z490 Chipset / Supports 10th Gen Processors only / LGA 1200 / Multi-GPU Support / Supports 3 x M.2 Sockets and 8 x SATA 6Gb/s Ports / Bluetooth 5.1 / 9x USB 3.2 Type-A / 1x USB 3.2 Type-C / 90MB13D0-M0EAY0 + FREE DELIVERY ! A high mass, finned heatsink is connected to the I/O cover via a heat pipe, providing an expansive surface area for efficient heat dissipation. Divided into three distinct sections — CPU, DRAM and PCIe — the feature provides a useful warning when an area may be at risk of short-circuiting. Four LEDs to show the current boot status. The renowned ROG UEFI (BIOS) provides everything you need to configure, tweak, and tune your rig. ROG Maximus XII Apex features three M.2 slots wired directly to the Z490 PCH. Intuitive interface displays real-time drive information, such as current read/write speeds. One press instantly initiates a hard reset. PERFORMANCE PUSHED TO THE APEX. The TUF Gaming A15 is all about value. Blocks electromagnetic interference from the motherboard or add-ons to provide cleaner audio. It is ready for maximum overclocking of the CPU and RAM, especially under liquid nitrogen, so all overclockers eager to clock on the LGA1200 platform are certainly happy. One sided clips for super-simple, super-secure handling of memory modules. Up Close. Even if you’re not trying to set world-record performance results with your own PC, you can rest assured that those same lessons and careful engineering are baked into the PCB of every Z490 motherboard we make. 16 teamed power stages, each capable of producing a whopping 70A of current with enviable efficiency, border the CPU socket. Up Close continued. ROG Maximus XII Apex is the premiere overclocking platform for extreme OC enthusiasts looking to unlock the … Now it’s time to reveal some of their achievements. Impedance sense Дънна платка ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII APEX, (WiFi 6) socket 1200, 2.5G Lan, Aura Sync. Core i7-10700K Intel $360 Bench 99%, 37,399 samples. Two ProCool connectors ensure a snug and reliable connection to the EPS 12V power lines. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Formula Z490 (WiFi 6) LGA 1200 (Intel 10th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard (16 Power Stages, EK CrossChill III, 10 Gbps & Intel 2.5Gb … ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex Preview Up Close. Provides stronger PCIe device retention and greater shearing resistance. Prijs € 456,75 prijs volgen. Even if you’re not trying to set world-record performance results with your own PC, you can rest assured that those same lessons and careful engineering are baked into the PCB of every Z490 motherboard we make. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. This makes this the overclocking motherboard of the Z490 series for anyone who does not have to pay attention to the money. ROG Maximus XII Apex Unboxing and Hands-On. Designed to simplify setup, EZ mode presents vital settings and stats on a single page. The dashboard-style control panel of AI Suite 3 lets you fine-tune almost every aspect of your Maximus XII Apex system with ease. Push the performance envelope with hardware-level overclocking controls, intelligent power solution and enhanced memory support. Asus Z490 ROG MAXIMUS XII APEX ATX Motherboard. I am looking to purchase an Intel 10th gen (due to stability issues w/AMD, unless theyre addressed w/the 4k chips) and I was looking on Amazon and saw ASUS RoG Maximus XII Hero vs Apex were only $20 apart. Fine-tune individual fans simply by dragging a curve with the mouse. Gear up with ROG components, from graphics and monitors to mice and keyboards. Congratulations to our overclocking team on adding 17 new number-one results and world records to their trophy case. Sixteen teamed power stages help eke out the last few MHz at the limits of the silicon. With guided wizards, drag-and-drop functionality, and one-click application of important settings, your rig will be up and running in no time. 214x. With the Energy Processing Unit (EPU) you'll enjoy system-wide power savings. The software also provides control of settings for a growing number of ROG products, making it easier to tune the look and feel of your system. ROG Maximus XII APEX 10th Generation Intel ATX Motherboard from ASUS Performance Pushed to the Apex Introducing the ASUS Maximus XII APEX, this outstanding motherboard is the premiere overclocking platform for extreme OC enthusiasts looking to unlock the full potential of the latest generation Intel Core processors. The truth of performance is in the numbers. It brings a robust VRM, three M.2 sockets, eight SATA ports, AX201 Wi-Fi and more. You can opt to optimize memory for high frequency settings, or low latency settings. Edge Up is a resource for ASUS aficionados who want the inside scoop on new products and technologies. ROG MAXIMUS XII APEX specifications summary Ethernet 1 x Intel® I225-V Ethernet ASUS LANGuard Wireless & Bluetooth Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 2x2 Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax) support 1024QAM/OFDMA/MU-MIMO Supports up to 2.4Gbps max data rate Supports 2.4/5GHz Dual-Band Supports channel bandwidth: HT20/HT40/HT80/HT160 Supports CNVI interface Bluetooth v5.1* The heatsink cover is crafted from pure aluminum to efficiently cool the onboard M.2 drive. Maximus XII Apex is well equipped to deliver supersmooth wireless connectivity and compatibility with multiple input sources and PCIe extensions, all of which are a must have for any setups. Since its founding in 2006, the Republic of Gamers has built a long line of motherboards capable of keeping up with the record-setting elite overclockers that define the outer limits of PC performance. *DIMM.2 accommodates M.2 drives up to 22110 (110mm) in length. From a single intuitive interface, Armoury Crate puts command of all your Aura gear at your fingertips with the new Aura Creator suite ready. To start, we pushed a Core i9-10900K to 7.7GHz on all of its cores—the highest frequency ever for an Intel CPU architecture. And last but not least, we turned in a Geekbench 3 multi-core score of 69936. Automatically detect selected ASUS graphics cards to view detailed information. Published: 20th May 2020 | Source: ASUS | Price: | Author: Tom Logan. Core i9-10850K Intel $450 Bench 102%, 4,639 samples. Track the last change and save preferred profiles to a USB drive. The VRM has 16 power stages, each rated to handle 70 amps. Dual water-temperature headers and a flow-rate header feed information straight into the AI Suite utility, allowing you to track coolant temperatures and the flow rate of the entire loop. A dedicated header enables monitoring of temperatures at the input/output points of any component. Automatically cache all your storage devices to maximize your system's resources. These boards have shared a single laser-focused goal: help the most skilled overclockers on the planet reach the top of OC leaderboards. CPU. Maximus XII Apex features the most comprehensive cooling options ever. 2020 has been unique in many... ASUS participates in several affiliate programs, including the Amazon Associates program, and may receive affiliate fees for qualifying purchases. Unique design allows the codec's impedance-sensing function to be ported with either the front or rear headphone outputs, Fine-quality Japanese-made components that produce a warmer, natural sound with exceptional clarity and fidelity. За повече информация ☎ 0700 150 601. Two slots support both SATA and PCIe 3.0 x4 modes, and the other slot supports PCIe 3.0 x4 for NVMe. with a range of other impressive OC features. This tool is open to everyone. Whether you're cooling with air or water, Auto-Tuning mode intelligently configures all parameters with a single click. Apart from the ROG Maximus XII Apex and Z490 AORUS Master we have here, we’ve also seen plenty of the Intel Z490 chipset motherboards from all of Intel’s board partners a few weeks ago but unboxing and preview is the only thing we can see as performance review are still under NDA at that point of time. Armoury Crate is a software utility designed to provide centralized control of supported ROG gaming products. The ROG DIMM.2 module now passively cools M.2 drives with metal heatsinks that also keep your build looking clean. The Maximus XII Apex is the fourth board of the line, and it brings everything we’ve learned from legions of elite overclockers to the Z490 platform. Our internal overclocking team has had access to 10th Gen Intel Core CPUs for some time, and we’ve been working on shattering world records with them in tandem with this board. Jumper to enable special options and functions for liquid-nitrogen (LN2) over-clocking. All of these world record and global first place wins didn’t happen by luck. Activate to pause the system and fin-tune OC parameters mid-benchmark. At its default, the FlexKey functions as a system reset button, but it can also be easily set to quickly turn Aura lighting on or off, activate Safe Boot or enter the BIOS. >Learn more about ROG audio technology, 10 DAC channels provide simultaneous 7.1-channel playback, independent 2.0-channel, multiple-stream stereo to front-panel outputs. The addressable Gen 2 RGB headers now feature software that can automatically tailor lighting effects to specific devices. The Digi+ voltage-regulator module (VRM) delivers real-time control over voltage droop, switching frequency and power-efficiency settings, allowing you to fine-tune CPU voltage regulation for ultimate stability and performance. Additional Intel ® Optane ™ memory recognizes, remembers, and speeds up access to most frequently used files, applications, and games for faster, more responsive performance. Three full speed fan headers allow for targeted airflow during extreme overclocking. Published: 20th May 2020 | Source: ASUS | Price: | Author: Tom Logan. We also offer guides and tips to help you get the most out of everything from individual components to complete systems to the hottest games. They’re the result of years of innovation and hard-earned lessons that our motherboard engineers have used to give elite overclockers the tools they need to come out on top. Armoury Crate even offers dedicated product registration and ROG news feeds to help you stay in touch with the ROG gaming community. We know we mentioned them on the last page, but this image gives you a clearer indication on how the SATA ports are designed. ・ 2 x PCIe 3.0 x16 Safeslots (x16, x8/x8)​, ・ 1 x PCIe 3.0 x4 slot It is a very specific board. The Q-Code LED design provides you with a 2-digit error code that displays the system status. A motherboard created for lovers of overclocking and liquid nitrogen. Our platform also completed the wPrime 32M benchmark in 1.171 seconds and the wPrime 1024M benchmark in 35.625 seconds. A dedicated PWM/DC header for self-contained water-cooling setups. With the addition of fan headers, the onboard cooling of Maximus XII Apex has more than enough capacity for specialization, maintaining system stability under any condition. Thought to make a guide for the new Maximus XII Apex to help some people have a base to work on. Flash the latest BIOS via the internet from within the BIOS. Advanced mode enables full control over every aspect of the motherboard, and a built-in search function helps you quickly find the setting you need. Hi guys. Onboard Intel 2.5G Ethernet gives your wired connection a boost, with up to a 2.5X improvement over standard Ethernet connections for faster file transfers, smoother lag-free gaming and high-res video streaming.

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